Innovation Center

Innovation Center

Our business brings breakthroughs

The Innovation Center serves as the research and development engine for Novation iQ.  We always ask What if? What if the impossible  became possible? What if potential turned into practical?


Utilizing disruptive technologies and advanced materials, we solve problems others can’t.  Our team of scientists, engineers, and inventors work to uncover opportunities and innovative breakthroughs in every project without the overhead of an in-house R&D department. 


Hundreds of millions of tires reach the end of the road each year and are discarded in land fills.  We didn’t like that.  Novation iQ’s Innovation Center developed a process to reuse this once unusable material  through our patented Radio-Frequency devulcanization process.

We are constantly searching for the next opportunity in materials science

Asking What if? Never gets old at the Innovation Center. That’s why our researchers continuously seek new advancements and breakthroughs.

Meet the team

These are the people that turn ‘what ifs’ into ‘why nots’ and continue to make make breakthroughs possible at the Innovation Center.


Innovation Center
Project Coordinator


Innovation Center
Engineering Leader

Imagine what we can do for you

Our culture is founded on exceptional research principles and hard-earned expertise. Let us find solutions to your most challenging problems. Contact us to learn more about how our Innovation Center can help you.

While several industries are standing neck and neck in the foam revolution, Novation iQ, an advanced material manufacturer, has taken a step further in dedicating a significant part of its efforts to foam-based research and development.