Imagine that the only rule is there are no rules

Imagine transforming obstacles into opportunities

Imagine turning how into wow

Changing the world one idea at a time

At Novation iQ, our scientific curiosity and creative spark have propelled us to build a global intellectual property portfolio that promises to address some of the world’s most important challenges.

  • What if you could devulcanize discarded rubber, reuse that rubber as a primary raw material and achieve performance characteristics equivalent to or better than virgin rubber?
  • What if you could cut curing times to one tenth of today’s norm?
  • What if there were alternate energy sources twenty times more efficient than what is available today?
  • What if there were a cancer cure with no debilitating side effects?

Our scientists and engineers are busy changing the world, one idea at a time. Some of our intellectual property portfolio includes:

Advanced crosslinking and foaming techniques

Devulcanization of rubber and rapid curing techniques

Advanced power cell and power generation technologies

Next generation hybrid engine technologies

Medical therapies for cancer and viral infections

Imagine turning why into why not

Imagine the impossible becoming possible

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